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SAFED is the name and technical solution based on a utility model which is a part of active solution of the fire prevention in underground traffic systems under the trademark TUFEPRO®. SAFED was tested by the Institute of Forensic Engineering of the University in Žilina with the conclusion that it meets the criteria of TP 099 and is compatible with the technical equipment of the Fire-extinguishing and rescue corps.

The maximum efficiency and complexity of the SAFED solution in the battle against fire in underground traffic systems is determined by the fact that the SAFED may - in addition to the fire-extinguishing technical device based on water mist in one complete fire-extinguishing technical device –use and manage several fire-extinguishing ad technical devices based on water and gas such as:

  • fire-extinguishing technical device of water screen to prevent fire spreading to other fire-extinguishing sections installed in the beginning and end of every fire-extinguishing sections in main tunnel pipes,
  • mist fire-extinguishing technical device in the main tunnel pipe,
  • sprinkler fire-extinguishing technical device in connecting parts of the tunnel,
  • fire-extinguishing technical device – gas– chemical (KDFM-200, Novec 1230) only for fire prevention in electricity distribution boxes in tunnel technology premises.

Beyond the scope of the SFED the SAFED provides for the following:

  • maintaining the functioning and efficiency of cooling the fire area, temperature damping and preventing the growth and extension of fire with the air flow speed of 8m/s, namely also in the event failure of all the venting systems in a tunnel regulating the optimum air flow speed with the use of water as fire-extinguishing medium with the pressure of 0.5-3Mpa,
  • Technical solution in one complete system of fire-extinguishing and technical device which may be used by several types of fire-extinguishing technical devices,
  • Engineering pre-design work for individual types of road tunnels determined by their geophysical features,
  • High demands on materials for individual components and system parts with regard to the specific environment in underground transport systems.